Povitica: A Recipe Review

Povatica 3 Povatica 2

This recipe is from the Great British Bake Off tv show. It’s a festive Croatian bread, filled with ground walnuts and cocoa. I first made it a couple of months ago, following the traditional recipe. Then for Easter, I made two more loaves. The first was filled with chocolate (I used the recipe for the traditional filling, minus the walnuts and adding more cocoa and egg yolks) and the second was a cinnamon and sugar.

Povitica is the most beautiful bread I’ve ever seen. After baking each loaf, we cut right into the middle of it for an incredible big reveal. Each loaf has its own special swirl pattern.

As for the taste, I’m not a big fan, though my family seems to enjoy it. Each time, I didn’t put enough filling inside, and so it’s rather plain. That, and I over baked it. One hour is the perfect time, but I went ten minutes longer, and the bread was dry and dense.

While the taste is slightly disappointing, it’s very fun to make. I love rolling it out thin and looping around the pan. Visually, it’s so pleasing to look at.

All in all, if I had any stars to give, I’d give this povitica 3.5. The recipe is here. 


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